Simplified Loader’s Fixed Assets Template offers an integrated Excel Spreadsheet with Oracle Fusion. The Fixed Assets Template allows to upload asset additions in Mass Additions and download errors from Mass Additions.

Simplified Loader Fixed Assets Template enhances team efficiency and reduces the Assets team’s manual workload by providing an Excel-based tool to perform the business functions on asset additions. The Template is not limited to upload asset additions. Using Excel Template, you can download the errors and upload new additions back into Oracle Fusion with a revised field value.

The Oracle Fusion Assets team can utilize Simplified Loader’s Excel Templates to upload asset additions from Excel to Oracle Fusion. Excel Template provides a feature-rich interface. Excel Template provides a list of values for fields like Asset Category.

Fixed Assets Excel Template is best suited for the Assets team in BAU or the Data Migration team. Simplified Loader Template allows loading any number of records with immediate validation feedback. Simplified Loader Excel sheets’ portable nature makes it possible to distribute the file to any user who wishes to enter asset details. Once the Asset team receives the file populated with assets data, they can use the same file (without a need to copy-paste data from one Excel file to another) to load data into Oracle Fusion.

Oracle provides an FBDI sheet for data upload. Compared with FBDI, Simplified loader Templates are 95% more convenient to organize data in Excel, steps involved in data upload, and resolving errors. Please review a detailed comparison with FBDI and ADFdi Template here.

Add Assets

Add Assets

Simplified Loader Fixed Assets Template overcomes the workload challenge by providing an Excel-based asset creation tool and reducing manual assets creation efforts. Once the asset addition details are entered, the “Add Assets” functionality pushes the selected assets in Excel to Oracle. The user gets responses in real-time with appropriate success or failure message.

Get Interface Errors

Get Interface Errors

Get Interface Errors operation enables downloading the errors on addition from the Mass Additions interface in the Oracle Fusion. These errors are related to the incorrect data uploaded to Mass Additions.

1) Roles or privileges required for Fixed Assets Template.

The following privileges are required to upload Asset Additions:

a. Add Fixed Asset (FA_ADD_FIXED_ASSET_PRIV)