Over a quinquennium ago, we started Simplified Loader with a vision to fill gaps in Oracle Fusion functionalities. Simplified Loader helps organizations change their business processes and innovate faster. Our mission is to provide solutions that significantly enhance workforce productivity and ensure that the users are equipped with easy to use, flexible solutions for processing transactions. Simplified Loader products are the key to rapid and accurate data upload into Oracle Fusion. Our customers' success is critical to our growth, and we're committed to succeeding together.

Simplified Loader started its journey to improve the user experience by developing user-friendly Excel templates to interact with Oracle Fusion. Business user deserves a simple and connected experience. They don't want a time-consuming, complex solution involving several steps and multiple files to load data using File Based Data Import templates. Simplified Loader provides user-friendly templates to upload or download transactions from Oracle Fusion applications using a single click of a button. The Excel templates are best suited for BAU users to support day-to-day transactions or process large volumes of data for migration. Our comprehensive product suite offers Excel templates across Finance, Procurement, Projects, and HR modules. We have over 15 templates used by more than 500 users worldwide.

Our innovation journey is not limited to Excel templates. In 2018 we enhanced our product range and added mobile technology in Simplified Loader. Our first mobile app was to receive Purchase Orders using a mobile device. The PO Receipt mobile app enables users with limited access to PC to perform real-time receiving of goods or services directly from the mobile device. The mobile apps give a cutting edge user experience and empower the administrator to control the app behaviour centrally.

Subsequently, we added Dashboard mobile apps to our catalogue to report from Oracle Fusion. Using Dashboard apps gives a quick analysis of data in graphs, increases productivity, and makes decision-making by turning dark data into new and actionable insights right at your fingertips. The Dashboard apps are available to report data from Finance, Procurement, and Projects modules.

Nothing is more critical to our company than the privacy of our customers' data. Our Excel and mobile apps use Oracle APIs - Application Programming Interfaces. APIs are messengers that take requests and tell Oracle Fusion what a user wants it to do, then returns the response to the user. All APIs used by Simplified Loader to interact with Oracle Fusion are certified and supported by Oracle.

Our support team ensures to deal with your queries in an effective and timely manner. The support offering is not limited to resolving bugs. The support also includes updates to the new product features. We regularly provide unique, innovative solutions that give our customers a competitive advantage. We release a short demo to set up and use the new feature when rolling out a new feature. With more than 50 videos in our support library, it is never easier to get started with Simplified Loader Excel templates or mobile apps.

So whether you are migrating data or processing transactions as part of the day job, Simplified Loader accelerates transaction processing by seamless integration between Microsoft Excel or Mobile app with Oracle Fusion.