ESS Jobs Template

Oracle Enterprise Scheduler is a backbone in an Oracle Fusion environment to automate processes that must recur on a scheduled basis and to defer heavy processing to specific time windows. Simplified Loader’s ESS Jobs Template eases the life of the users by enabling them to submit and view the status of the scheduled jobs.

Using ESS Jobs Template, you can organize jobs that you would generally submit manually using online line Oracle Fusion pages. A great use case of ESS Job usage is to submit month-end jobs in a controlled manner. During the month-end, it is a standard practice to submit jobs to process transactions and close Period. This task becomes time-consuming when ESS Jobs needs to run for every business unit or ledger. Using ESS Job Template, you can create a schedule of all programs in Excel sheet and submit the program in the sequence you want to process during month-end. To put the use case into context, if it takes ten minutes for a user to submit the same job for five different ledgers then using Simplified Loader it will take them just 2 seconds to submit the same job.

Submit Request

There’s always a need to run scheduled jobs apart from the scheduled ones which are scheduled across the day. For example: during the month-end period closure, users can’t wait for scheduled jobs to run, and the period-close team has to run the jobs manually by going into Oracle for each BU/Ledger/LE. Simplified Loader ESS Job Template overcomes such problems by allowing the users to submit several ESS processes in a single click. These jobs can easily be managed in Spreadsheets and can be saved as a template for the future.

Refresh Request Status

Users can view the status of the submitted request by clicking the “Refresh Request Status” operation. This functionality gets the current status of the job from Oracle Fusion.

Get Request Details

To get started with ESS Jobs Template, you would not know the values of the internal parameters used by Oracle Fusion. This is the time when the “Get Request Details” operation comes handy. This functionality allows the users to get all details, including the parameters of the jobs submitted in Oracle Fusion. Users can save job parameters in a local copy of ESS Job Template and utilize the values in future.

Get Requests Submitted by User

Similar to “Get Request Details”, if you want to download all requests submitted by the user in the last 24 hours then use the operation “Get Request Submitted by User”. This operation will download all jobs with parameters submitted by the user in the past 24 hours.

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1) Roles required for ESS Jobs Template.

No specific roles are required to perform operations using the ESS Jobs Template.