GL Journal Template

Simplified Loader’s GL Template provides functionality to upload one or many journal batches using the Excel Spreadsheet in a single click. This simplifies the process of data input and review as Excel makes it very convenient to perform the calculation of totals etc.

GL Journal Template is best suited for the Finance team and data migration. The portable nature of Simplified Loader Excel sheets makes it possible to distribute the file to any user (inside or outside your organization) who wishes to GL Journal details. The Finance team can distribute the Template to other users of the organization, for them to enter Journal which they want to upload in Oracle Fusion. Using Simplified Loader to capture journal details simplifies the end to end journal entry process, as the same file is used to enter details by the end-user and also to upload data into Oracle Fusion. GL Journal Template allows us to submit the Journal Import process from within the Spreadsheet, and review any import errors. Therefore, the user does not need to use any other screen to complete the end to end journal import process.

Oracle provides FBDI and ADFdi sheets to upload journals into Oracle Fusion. In comparison with FBDI, Simplified loader Templates are 95% more convenient to use in terms of organizing data in Excel, steps involved in data upload, and resolving errors. Similarly, in comparison with ADFdi, Simplified Loader Templates are not restricted to use a rigid column sequence set by Oracle. ADFdi sheets cannot be shared with all users, as ADFdi needs a plugin and valid login credentials to Oracle Fusion. Please review a detailed comparison with FBDI and ADFdi Template here.

Load Journal for Import

Loading Journals into Oracle Fusion is a two-step process. i.e. Load and Import. Simplified Loader is designed to give users more control over each step, which reduces the chances of failure.

After preparing the Journal in an Excel Spreadsheet, the first step is to load the Journal into Oracle Fusion. “Load Journal for Import” enables the users to upload Journal into Oracle GL interface tables. This operation loads data and reports any failure in real-time. In case of any failure, the error message gets displayed against the Journal.

Load Journal for Import supports loading single or multiple journals in a single click of a button.

Import Journals

Once the Journals are loaded to interface tables, the next step is to import them. “Import Journals” functionality enables the users to submit the import process (ESS Job) in Oracle Fusion. Import Journal functionality gives the flexibility to select Ledgers, Period, etc. to run the import process.

Refresh Import Process Status

The status of the import job can be checked directly from Simplified Loader Template. Click on Refresh Import Process Status button to get the status of the last import jobs submitted by Simplified Loader.

Get Group ID Status

It is essential to know the result of journals import status, but it is critical to understand the error if in case the Journal is not successfully posted. There are cases where journals are submitted with accounts violating cross-validation rules, missing exchange rates, etc. “Get Group ID Status” functionality enables the user to view the status of each journal batch from within the Spreadsheet.

Get Journal Batch

General Ledger Template allows to reuse the GL Batch information collected over time. If a Journal already exists in GL and the user wants to create a similar journal or would like to know the information stored in the journal batch, then “Get Journal Batch” is the option to use. Using “Get Journal Batch” functionality the users can download a GL Journal Batch from Oracle Fusion just by providing the batch name. This functionality downloads the batch, header and line level information in a single click. You are not limited to download a single batch at a time. Multiple batch names can be entered and downloaded in Excel.


“Get CVR” operation pulls Cross Validation Rules data from Oracle Fusion into CVR sheet in Simplified Loader template. This operation is pre-requisite to Validate Account against CVR operation.

Validate Account against CVR

“Validate Account against CVR” operation takes segment values entered in the DataSheet and validates segment values against CVR. The validation takes place using offline data in the CVR sheet. In the case of validation failure, the Error Message gets populated in DataSheet.

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1) Roles required for GL Journal Template.

The user must have a General Accountant role to upload transactions.