Payable Invoice Template

Simplified Loader’s Payables Invoice Templates offers fully integrated Excel Spreadsheet with Oracle Fusion. The Payables Invoice Template allows the user to create PO matched or stand-alone Invoice, download, update, validate, calculate tax, cancel, or delete Payable Invoices. The Payables Template supports loading file attachment from Excel.

Simplified Loader Payables Invoice Templates enhances team efficiency and reduces the manual workload on Payables team by providing an Excel-based tool to perform all the business functions on Payables invoices. The Template is not limited to upload stand-alone payables invoices. It also enables users to create PO matched invoices. Using Excel Template, you can download Invoice and upload Invoice back into Oracle Fusion with a new Invoice Number. This feature comes handy to upload monthly recurring invoices.

Users of Oracle Fusion Payables team can utilize Simplified Loader’s Excel Templates to download or to upload Invoices from Excel to Oracle Fusion. Excel Template provides a feature-rich interface for the user to get all information required for purchase order creation in the Spreadsheet. Excel Template provides a list of values for fields at Invoice Header, Lines, Distributions, level.

Payable Invoice Excel Template is best suited for the Payables team or the Data Migration team. Simplified Loader Template allows loading any number of records with immediate validation feedback. The portable nature of Simplified Loader Excel sheets makes it possible to distribute the file to any user (inside or outside your organization) who wishes to supply Invoice details. Once the Payable team receives the file populated with PO data, the Payable team can use the same file (without a need to copy-paste data from one Excel file to another) to load data into Oracle Fusion.

Oracle provides an FBDI and ADFdi sheet for data upload. In comparison with FBDI, Simplified loader Templates are 95% more convenient to use in terms of organizing data in Excel, steps involved in data upload, and resolving errors. Similarly using standard ADFdi, the Invoice is loaded into Oracle Fusion in a two-step process. In the first step, Invoice is loaded to the interface table, and then the import invoice program loads invoice into Oracle Fusion. In the case of Simplified Loader, the Invoice is created directly in Oracle Fusion with the need of posting Invoice to an interface table. All data validations take place at the time of invoice upload from Excel. Please review a detailed comparison with FBDI and ADFdi Template here.

Get PO Details

Purchase Order contains necessary details related to the Invoice. Simplified Loader Payables Template utilizes PO details for PO matched payables invoices. Get PO Details functionality downloads the PO details from procurement and provides the uninvoiced amount or quantity for Payables team review. The Excel Template reduces manual efforts of checking remaining PO open balances.

Get Invoice Details

Get Invoice Details functionality enables the users to download the details on an invoice existing in the system. There are multiple use cases of this functionality. For example, your organization receives Invoice for utility bills, cleaning services, consumable products, etc. each month. The vendor sends an invoice with a particular amount to your organization. Using Get Invoice Detail functionality, Payables team can download existing Invoice and upload it back by changing invoice number, date, and amount. Using Simplified Loader’s “Get Invoice Details” functionality, the users can cancel single or bulk invoices directly from Excel.

Create Invoices

Simplified Loader Payables Template overcomes the challenge of workload by providing an Excel-based invoice creation tool and reducing the efforts of manual invoice creation. Once the invoice details are entered (either for PO matched or stand-alone invoices), “Create Invoices” functionality pushes all the selected invoices in Excel tool to Oracle in real-time and reports back any validation errors.

Calculate Tax on Invoice

Simplified Loader “Calculate Tax on Invoice” functionality provides calculation of taxes on invoices directly from Excel. Simplified Loader does not limit the user to operate only on a single Invoice. Taxes can be calculated on bulk invoices and then submitted for validation.

To perform a similar operation using Oracle Fusion online screen, the user would need to navigate to each Invoice and calculate tax on one Invoice at a time.

Validate Invoice

Invoice validation can be performed on payables invoices by clicking an option in Oracle Fusion Payables module. If a user requires to validate multiple invoices, then Oracle provides functionality to run a scheduled job to validate all invoices.

Simplified Loader “Validate Invoice” functionality achieves the similar feature but without going into the Oracle Fusion online forms. Validate Invoice operation performs Invoice validation in real-time. Using Simplified Loader’s “Validate Invoices” functionality, the users can validate single or bulk invoices directly from Excel.

Cancel Invoice

In case the invoices are incorrectly entered in Oracle Fusion then they can be cancelled in Oracle directly from Excel. Without Simplified Loader Template the user would need to navigate to Oracle Fusion, search the Invoice, and cancel the invoices one-by-one. Using Simplified Loader’s “Cancel Invoices” functionality, the users can cancel single or bulk invoices directly from Excel.

Cancel Invoice Line

Cancel Invoice Line operation is similar to Cancel Invoice. It gives the flexibility to cancel Invoice lines instead of full Invoice.

Update Invoice

When invoices are created with incorrect details such as amount mismatch, tax mismatch, incorrect invoice distributions etc. In such cases, “Update Invoice” functionality allows the users to update single or bulk AP invoices directly from Excel.

Delete Invoices

If an invoice is created with incorrect information, then the user can delete Invoice using “Delete Invoices” functionality. Using Simplified Loader’s “Delete Invoices” functionality, the users can cancel single or bulk invoices directly from Excel.

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1) Roles required for Payables Invoice template.

The following privileges are required to upload AP Invoices.
1. Create Payables Invoice