Purchase Receipt Template

Simplified Loader’s Purchase Order Receipt Template offers a fully integrated Excel Spreadsheet with Oracle Fusion. The PO Receipt Template allows the user to view outstanding quantity or amount on a Purchase Order. The PO Receipt Template is used to receive goods or services or return goods back to the Supplier.

Users of Oracle Fusion Procurement can utilize Simplified Loader’s Excel Templates to download open PO from Oracle Fusion and selectively upload Receipts in Oracle Fusion. Excel Template provides a feature-rich interface for the user to get all information required for creating PO Receipts in the Spreadsheet.

Purchase Order Excel Template is best suited for Requisitioner or the Data Migration. Simplified Loader Template allows the user to load any number of records with an immediate response. The portable nature of Simplified Loader Excel sheets makes it possible to distribute the file to any user who wishes to receive PO.

Oracle provides FBDI sheets to upload data. In comparison with FBDI, Simplified loader Templates are 99% more convenient to use in terms of organizing data in Excel, downloading open POs, steps involved in data upload, and resolving errors. Please review a detailed comparison with FBDI Template here.

Get My Open POs

Get My Open POs functionality allows downloading open POs where the user is either a Requester or a Preparer. PO details downloaded includes Vendor Name, Vendor Number, Vendor Site Code, PO Number, PO Line Number, PO Shipment Line Num, PO Dist Number, Requisition Number, Requisition Line Number, Item Description, Need By Date, Original Quantity Ordered, Original Amount Ordered, Matching Basis, Transaction Type, Business Unit, Charge Account, Project Name, Project Number, Task Name, Task Number, etc. The user can review downloaded data and selectively perform partial Receipt or full Receipt.

Get PO Details

The Get POs Details operation is similar to “Get My Open POs”. Instead of getting all POs assigned to a Requester or a Preparer, “Get PO Details” need a PO number as an input value. After the PO details are downloaded into Excel, the user can review data and selectively perform partial Receipt or full Receipt.

Get Receipted PO for Return

“Get Receipted PO for Return” operation downloads Receipts based on the PO Number. Users can enter one or many PO Numbers in the Template and use “Get PO Details for Return” to fetch details from Oracle Fusion. Data downloaded includes all fields mentioned in “Get My Open POs” operation, also this operation downloads Receipt Number and Receipt Date field data. The user can then review the downloaded data and selectively return a partial or full receipt amount.

Create Receipt Transactions

“Create Receipt Transaction” operation performs actual Receiving or Return transaction in Oracle Fusion. Users have the flexibility to receive a partial PO, receive full PO, perform a partial return, or full return of goods. “Create PO Receipt” operation supports receiving amount-based POs, quantity-based POs, Non-Project POs, and POs charged to the Project.

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1) Roles required for PO Receipt Template.

The user must have RCV_SUBMIT_RECEIVING_TRANSACTION_MANAGER_WEB_SERVICE_PRIV privilege to upload the Receipt transaction.

2) Purchase Receipt Demo:

3 )Purchase Receipt Demo: Error Reporting:

4) The Period in which Receipt transaction gets accounted?

Receipt transaction gets accounted based on the Transaction date selected while submitting the transaction. Example, On 3-Feb, the January period in GL is still open. When a user submits a transaction on 3-Feb and chooses the transaction date as 31-Jan, the Receipt transaction will get accounted for in the January period in GL. In case the January period is closed, and the user still selects the transaction date as 31-Jan, the Receipt transaction will get accounted for in February.