PO Receipts App

Oracle offers functionality to receive PO using a Web browser. However, it is not possible to access Oracle standard PO Receipt feature using a mobile device. Simplified Loader’s PO Receipt app allows customers to receive or return goods from within the mobile app. PO Receipt app works on both Android and iOS platforms and is compatible with phone and tablet.

The app performs an real-time transaction in Oracle Fusion and provides instantaneous feedback to the user. App clearly indicates if the Receipt or Return transaction is successfully recorded in Oracle Fusion.

Simplified Loader mobile apps give a feature-rich and easy to use interface. The administrator has an option to control app behaviour centrally. This includes enabling or disabling user’s access, allowing or restricting data sharing from mobile, etc. Click here to review all features and functions offered to the mobile user, or click here for details on control available to an administrator.

You can download the app for free from the iOS App Store or the Android Play store. To utilize the functionality offered by Simplified Loader’s mobile app, you will need to request a free product trial.

Receive PO

Receive PO option allows the user to receive an open Purchase Order from a mobile device. Selecting this option either displays all open POs related to the user logged in or asks for a PO Number, which the user wishes to Receive. “Receive PO” supports receiving amount-based POs, quantity-based POs, Non-Project POs, or POs charged to the Project. The users have the flexibility to search the PO based on several parameters, including Requisition Number, PO Number, Supplier, Supplier Site, Charge Account, Project, etc. Within the app, the user can view the original quantity/amount ordered and the remaining quantity/amount.

After submitting the Receipt transaction, the transaction gets highlighted Green indicating that the transaction is successfully recorded in Oracle Fusion. Otherwise, the transaction is highlighted Red, indicating a failure in the case of error, the user can review rejection reasons in the “Error Message” field.

Return a Received PO

This option allows the user to download existing Receipt details based on the PO Numbers or date of receiving. Data downloaded in the mobile app includes fields from Requisition, Purchase Order, and Receipts. The user can review downloaded data and selectively return a received PO.

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1) Roles required for PO Receipts mobile App?

The user must have RCV_SUBMIT_RECEIVING_TRANSACTION_MANAGER_WEB_SERVICE_PRIV (Submit Receiving Transaction Manager Web Service) role to upload Receipt transaction.

2) PO Receipt Mobile App Demo:

3) The Period in which Receipt transaction gets accounted?

Receipt transaction gets accounted based on the Transaction date selected while submitting the transaction. Example, On 3-Feb, the January period in GL is still open. When a user submits a transaction on 3-Feb and chooses the transaction date as 31-Jan, the Receipt transaction will get accounted for in the January period in GL. In case the January period is closed, and the user still selects the transaction date as 31-Jan, the Receipt transaction will get accounted for in February.