Purchase Requisition Template

Simplified Loader’s Purchase Requisition Template is a fully integrated Spreadsheet with Oracle Fusion, which allows download, create, and maintain their Purchase Requisition(s).

Users of Oracle Fusion Self Service Procurement can utilize Simplified Loader’s Excel Templates to download or to upload Requisitions from Excel to Oracle Fusion. Excel Template provides a feature-rich interface and allows to manage all information required for Requisition creation from within the Spreadsheet. Excel Template provides a list of values for fields like Suppliers, PO Category, Delivery Location, etc. The Template offers full support to create Requisition based on a smart form.

Requisition Excel Templates are best suited for both centralized and decentralized procurement. For organization using centralized procurement, Simplified Loader Excel Templates can be distributed to the users who wish to raise Requisition (Requesters). The portable nature of Simplified Loader Excel sheets makes it possible to distribute the file to any user (inside or outside your organization) who wishes to supply Requisition details. The Requester can utilize Simplified Loader features to enter and validate data. Controls can be easily put in place to ensure that the Requester is not able to upload any Requisition. When centralized procurement team (Preparer) receives Requisition details from the Requester, they can use the same file (without a need to copy-paste data from one Excel file to another) to upload transactions from Excel to Oracle Fusion. In the case of a decentralized Requisitioning process, the Requester will be able to upload using Requisitions.

Oracle provides FBDI sheet for data upload. In comparison with FBDI, Simplified loader Templates are 95% more convenient in terms of organizing data in Excel, steps involved in data upload, and resolving errors. Please review a detailed comparison with FBDI Template here.

Get Requisition Details by Requisition Number

“Get Requisition Details by Requisition Number” functionality downloads the details of the Requisition from Oracle Fusion into Excel Spreadsheet. Once the details of the Requisition are downloaded into the Spreadsheet, the user can use the data to create a duplicate Requisition or create a similar requisition by modifying required data attributes. The user may also wish to download requisition details for review in the Spreadsheet. This functionality is not limited to a single Requisition. The users can download multiple Requisitions with a click of a button.

Get Smart Form Details

Catalogue administrators create Smart Forms for goods-based or fixed price services-based request types. The Smart Forms are a pre-populated setup, that is used as a Template to create a Requisition. “Get Smart Form Details” functionality pulls Smart Form data from Oracle Fusion into Excel. Downloaded data can then be used to upload Requisitions to Oracle Fusion.

Create Requisition

Simplified Loader Purchase Requisition Template allows users to create & submit Requisitions and initiate approvals in Oracle directly from the Spreadsheet. Users can create Purchase Requisitions with single or multiple Lines, single or multiple distributions, and with or without Project details. Create Requisition operation validates data input before performing data upload. Validation errors are reported back in Excel in real-time.

When processing multiple records from Simplified Loader Template, the Template marks each Requisition with Success or Failed status. In case of errors, this operation also provides the details of rejection so that users can modify the transactions and resubmit them to Oracle Fusion. Create Requisition functionality allows the user to choose between the option to only upload data or to “upload and submit” the Requisition for approval.

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1) Roles required for Purchase Requisition Template.

The following privileges are required to upload Requisition transaction:
1. Search Purchase Request by Web Service (PO_SEARCH_PURCHASE_REQUEST_WEB_SERVICE_PRIV)
2. Manage Purchase Request by Web Service (PO_MANAGE_PURCHASE_REQUEST_WEB_SERVICE_PRIV)