Requisitioner Dashboard App

Requisitioner Dashboard app gives a quick snapshot of Requisitions raised by the Requisitioner or Preparer. The App analyses Requisition based on the Requisition Status, Supplier, and PO Categories, and produces graphs with analyzed details. The user can click on the graph to drill down to the transaction details. The data used for the analysis is the live data from the environment.

Simplified Loader mobile apps give a feature-rich and easy to use interface. The administrator has an option to control app behaviour centrally. This includes enabling or disabling user’s access, allowing or restricting data sharing from mobile, etc. Click here to review all features and functions offered to the mobile user, or click here for details on control available to an administrator.

You can download the app for free from the iOS App Store or the Android Play store. To utilize the functionality offered by Simplified Loader’s mobile app, you will need to request a free product trial.

Requisition Dashboard

Requisitioner Dashboard app allows the user to analyze their Requisitions based on different timeframes. The interactive graphs provide a visual representation of Requisition data. Clicking on the graphs takes the user to the table that makes up data displayed in the chart. The data tables are fully customizable, and the results can be shared in Excel format with a click of a button.

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1) Roles required for Requisitioner Dashboard app?

Requisitioner Dashboard app does not require any additional privileges.