Requisitioning Mobile App

Simplified Loader’s Requisitioning app allows creating Requisition in Oracle Fusion using a mobile device. The app is compatible with both phone and tablets on the Android and iOS platform. Within the app, the user enters the Requisition Header, Line, and Distribution level details. The user can enter multiple Lines or Distribution. The app provides lookup values to help select data accurately. The user can personalize fields displayed in the app and define default value against each field. After submitting Requisition to Oracle Fusion, the Requisition instantaneously gets created in Fusion, and the Fusion Requisition number gets displayed in the mobile device. After submitting Requisition, the user can track the PO and Receipt details within the mobile app.

Edit Requisition

Save Partially completed Requisitions

The requisitioner can save partially completed Requisition. The app does not force to enter all fields until the Requisition is ready for submission to Oracle Fusion.

Requisitions entered using Requisitioning app are displayed in Entered Requisition section. To edit a Requisition, click on the Pencil icon next to the desired Requisition.

NOTE: Requisition details remain on the mobile device until the user clicks on the Submit button.

Default values and Show / Hide fields

The Requisitioning app defaults value in a field based on the multi-layered data defaulting hierarchy. Click here to know more about the data defaulting hierarchy.

The user has the option to provide default values in the Fields Setup section. The default values are automatically assigned to the Requsiitoin record as soon as they create a new record.

Requisitioning User Deafult Values


The mobile app provides lookup values to support data input. The lookup data is pulled from Oracle Fusion when the user first-time logs into the mobile application. The lookup data can subsequently be refreshed on-demand using Refresh Lookup button in the Setup page.

Lookup values are utilized by clicking on the magnifying lens icon associated with the field.

Create Requisition

Once you are happy with the data entered in the app, click on the Submit button to send Requisition details to Oracle Fusion. The Submit operation validate values entered by the user or defaulted by the administrator. After successful validation, the data is accepted by Oracle Fusion. As a Submit operation feedback, the user immediately gets to view upload status and Requisition Number from Oracle Fusion.

Requisition Details

Review Requisition Details

Users can view details of the submitted Requisition using Get Req Status button. The user gets the up to date Requisition details from Oracle Fusion.

Duplicate Requisition

Use the Copy button in the Entered Requisition section to duplicate Requisition from an existing Requisition. The information on copied Requisition can be edited and re-submit to Oracle Fusion.

Copy Requisition
Requisitioning Mobile App


Simplified Loader follows Oracle defined security protocols to validate and exchange data with Oracle Fusion. Data transfer between the app and the selected environment is encrypted using 128-bit keys, TLS 1.2.

Centralized Admin Controls

The company administrator can centrally control access & features in Simplified Loader mobile apps. The administrator can set up fields visible to the mobile user, define default values and mandatory fields, refresh data input fields, user access, etc.

Click here to view centrally controlled preferences shared in all Simplified Loader mobile.

Requisitioning Mobile App

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1) Roles required for Requisitioning Mobile App.

The following privileges are required to upload Requisition transaction:
1. Search Purchase Request by Web Service (PO_SEARCH_PURCHASE_REQUEST_WEB_SERVICE_PRIV)
2. Manage Purchase Request by Web Service (PO_MANAGE_PURCHASE_REQUEST_WEB_SERVICE_PRIV)