Data Security in Simplified Loader


All Simplified Loader Excel templates exchange data only between the template and the selected Oracle Fusion environment. The following figure illustrates the high-level data flow and security used by the Simplified Loader Excel templates.

Data Security - Simplified Loader Excel for Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

Security in Excel templates

  1. Transactional data from the Excel template is ONLY transferred to the selected Oracle Fusion environment.
  2. The username/password entered in the Excel template is ONLY validated against the selected Oracle Fusion environment or SSO service provider.
  3. For Non-SSO login, login credentials are validated against the username and password managed within Oracle Fusion.
  4. For SSO login, the login credentials are validated by the SSO service provider. NOTE: Simplified Loader Excel templates automatically adapt to the SSO configuration used for Oracle Fusion. No additional steps are required to implement SSO login using Simplified Loader.
  5. When transferring data between an Excel template and Oracle Fusion, the selected Oracle Fusion environment defines the Data encryption policies. Typically, Oracle Fusion provides a 128-bit key and TLS 1.2 encryption.
  6. The Excel templates are digitally signed.
  7. Using the Lookup Type associated with the Excel template, the administrator controls user access to exchange data with Oracle Fusion.
  8. Data pulled from Oracle Fusion to Excel templates is controlled using the BI reports. The BI administrator within your organization can review and amend BI reports used by Simplified Loader.
  9. Simplified Loader Excel templates are macro-enabled Excel files. The Excel templates can be shared by email or other file transfer mechanism, e.g. SharePoint. The only pre-requisite to use the Excel template is a Windows operating system with MS Office 2010 or above.
  10. Simplified Loader Excel Templates do not require installing any Plug-In in the user’s machine or otherwise.
  11. Using AllowedOperations and DisallowedOperation preferences, the administrator can centrally control operations permitted to the user.
  12. Using LatestVersion preference, the administrator can centrally control the user's Excel template version.
  13. When using the Get Lookup Values functionality in the Excel template, the lookup values from Oracle Fusion are stored in the Excel file. The stored lookup values can be utilized by the user even when not connected to the Oracle Fusion environment.