Compliment Oracle Fusion with Simplified Loader.

Looking to enhance your Oracle Fusion experience? Consider Simplified Loader. Simplified Loader combines the power of Excel with Oracle Fusion providing a seamless solutions for all data processing needs. With Simplified Loader, you can create new transactions, download them from Fusion, and update directly from Excel. Interested in seeing it in action? Contact us to schedule a demo.

Solution for all Fusion users

Simplified Loader works with all Fusion modules, providing Excel templates across Finance, Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Human Capital Management, Projects, and System Admin modules.

Efficient and user friendly

Simplified Loader templates adapt to your process or data requirement. The Excel columns can be rearranged, add default field values, or define custom validations. Contact us to see Simplified Loader in action.

Process transaction or master data

The Excel template allows loading transaction data like Payables Invoices, Project Contracts, Person's Time or Absences, etc. The templates support master data transactions like Supplier, Customer, or Person.

Why choose Simplified Loader for Oracle Fusion?

Empower users to enter accurate & timely data in Oracle Fusion using Simplified Loader.

We have you covered

Familiar Excel interface for entire data management lifecycle.

No more navigation across multiple pages or sections.

A single, feature-rich sheet to enter data for all sections.

Simple format to define a relationship between a header and child records.

Try it for yourself.


Make Excel the front end to interact with Oracle Fusion Cloud.

Key Features


User Convenience

Allows the user to upload download, and update existing records in Fusion Cloud application


No Installation Required

Our templates uses Microsoft Excel and need no additional software


Simple Data Manipulation

Users can insert their own columns & formulas to analyse or validate data before uploading


Flexible Usage

Simplified Loader templates allow users to selectively upload records with a single click


Data Security

Using Oracle Fusion APIs ensures that Simplified Loader complies with Oracle standard security protocols for data processing



Online access to setup & user guides with over 50 demo videos to help you get started. Our dedicated Support team ensures quick resolution to your problems.

Click here to see how Simplified Loader compare with Oracle standard tools.

Single Sign On


We’ve got your back.

Migrate data to Oracle Fusion. Do it Simplified Loader way.

One-step process to build the sample data modal in an Excel format.

Share Excel with business to populate data.

Validate data before loading.

Load, Download and Reconcile.

Data safety is our primary concern.


Cleanse data

Let data speak your language.

Download and correct data in Excel.

Push updates back to Oracle.


We treat customer feedback as a word of oracle.