Why Choose Simplified Loader?

Simplified Loader offers Excel templates and Mobile Apps for Oracle Fusion. Simplified Loader’s Excel templates and Mobile Apps seamlessly connects to Oracle Fusion to create, download, update, or delete data transactions from Oracle Fusion. Our product range offers a user-friendly front-end to manipulate data or review dashboard to analyse data.

The security of your data is our top concern. Our advanced application framework ensures that data from Excel or Mobile app is routed directly to Oracle Fusion. Simplified Loader products come with full support for Single Sign On (SSO). The Excel templates automatically adapt the SSO login procedure used by your Oracle Fusion environment.

Using Simplified Loader Excel templates, the user enters data in the Excel sheet and submits it for processing with a single click using the Simplified Loader toolbar. The user immediately receives the upload result back in the Excel templates. You are not restricted by the number of records processed by Simplified Loader. Simplified Loader templates are the practical replacement for FBDI and ADFdi templates. Click here to download the datasheet for Excel templates.

Simplified loader Mobile app allows the user to view data dashboards or upload transactions to Oracle Fusion. The super intuitive and feature-rich interface makes the app perfect to use on mobile device. Click here to download the datasheet for Mobile apps.

Introduction To Excel Templates

Introduction To Mobile App

Click here to see how Simplified Loader compare with Oracle standard tools.

User Convenience

Allows the user to upload download, and update existing records in Fusion Cloud application

No Installation Required

Our templates uses Microsoft Excel and need no additional software

Simple Data Manipulation

Users can insert their own columns & formulas to analyse or validate data before uploading

Flexible Usage

Simplified Loader templates allow users to selectively upload records with a single click

Data Security

Using Oracle Fusion APIs ensures that Simplified Loader complies with Oracle standard security protocols for data processing


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