ESS Jobs Template

Submit ESS jobs from Excel

Build ESS job schedules using Simplified Loader.

Track job status with a click of a button.

Streamline the period-end process. Build multiple schedules for each Business Unit.

Organize ESS jobs

Download and organize multiple job schedules. Easily copy a schedule and run it for a different Business Unit.

Build new schedules with three easy steps

1. Submit an ESS job using the Scheduled Processes page. Make a note of the Process ID.

2. Use Simplified Loader to download Process ID details (inc. Parameters).

3. Modify Parameters and resubmit the downloaded process. Create

Manage period close processes
(across modules) from a single Excel

Does your organisation have multiple Ledgers and Business Units? Is it too labour-intensive to run and keep track of 100s of ESS jobs each period end?

Simplified Loader allows you to take control of period-end processes from a single sheet.

The run history and Process IDs are, by default stored in Excel.