Frequently Asked Questions

Simplified Loader Templates work independently of any plugin. Users don’t need to install the ADFdi plugin for Simplified Loader Templates.

Simplified Loader templates support SSO login and non-SSO (local Oracle Fusion user) login. When using SSO login, users receive a browser window where they enter their SSO login credentials.

The "Error 401--Unauthorized" page is displayed after the SSO validation process successfully validates the user. Oracle Fusion displays this page. After successful user validation, it seems contradictory to show the "Error 401--Unauthorized" page.

The expected Simplified Loader Excel functionality is "Error 401--Unauthorized" page should close within seconds.

Sample sheets are there to give a basic understanding of the data format that the template needs. If the user feels that they do not require sample sheets, then sample sheets can be deleted.

Simplified Loader Templates can be used in either TRIAL mode or FULL mode. TRIAL mode allows connection to DEV or TEST environments only. After purchasing the Template, the user gets access to the LIVE environment.

Simplified Loader templates send and receive data from Oracle Fusion. If Oracle Fusion takes more time to process the request sent from the template, then Excel temporarily shows a ‘Not Responding’ status. Once the template receives a response from Oracle Fusion, it will recover from the ‘Not Responding’ state and complete the operation.